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Asics SportStyle and Toki: Adopt the pace

An elevated drop by Zalando

Zalando, ASICS SportStyle and Toki team up to create a limited edition sneaker, available exclusively on Zalando: GEL-VENTURE NS. The launch of the sneaker celebrates the power of movement, self-expression and cherishing the present moment to promote a healthy and uplifting lifestyle.

ASICS SportStyle, known for its guiding philosophy of inspiring movement for positive mental health, joins forces with Toki, a space dedicated to encouraging individuals to slow down and be in the moment. Zalando, which aims to bring together like-minded brands and wants to inspire people to express themselves through fashion, proudly facilitates the partnership, as an exclusive platform to launch the sneaker.

The partnership between the three brands is driven by their shared vision of creating experiences that encourage individuals to find their own flow.

The ASICS SportStyle GEL-VENTURE 6 NS is a trail sneaker in a taupe-grey shade. Accentuated with silver reflective line work, it seamlessly integrates Toki's signature tortoise spoons in the insoles and lace tips, adding a distinctive touch to this limited edition.

Available Sept 8th

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